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I met Turtle as he was getting exercise on the beach. He wasn’t too busy to stop and check me out!

Have you noticed the busy syndrome that is in epidemic proportions? It is spreading rapidly and taking lives of those in its path. I think about the times I ask people how they are; they smile and say fine, or make up some other polite comment. Now there are many who are infected with the Busyness Syndrome and respond accordingly with an automatic “BUSY!”

They also have a hurried look on their face, shoulders drooping from burdens too heavy to carry. How many of us feel the pressure of unrealistic expectations that put us into that busy category? There are some who feel guilty even taking time for themselves to relax; sitting still is almost unheard of.

Having a Masters in Psychology has provided insights in areas dealing with how we think and comprehend our surroundings. Here is one example: While driving to work in the city, I encountered multitudes of others driving to and fro with traffic extremely intense. I had to stop and realize all the drivers in other vehicles were busy too; they were headed somewhere to do something at a very high speed.  It is easy to forget people are driving all those vehicles we see on the road, soon the cars are only viewed as obstacles in our path, something in the way or that makes us slow down. For some this causes road rage, others patiently go with the flow.

In the world we live in there are so many demands on our lives. Many feel there just isn’t enough time to get it everything finished. The good news is, “there isn’t enough time to get it all done”! We are created with certain limitations built within, in addition, we all require time to rest and sleep. If we didn’t have limitations we wouldn’t be human.

Some say time is an illusion. If we are racing the clock, too busy, we can view time as our enemy. One day I was spending time in a mall in the city. While there I was drawn to a beautiful hour glass displayed on a shelf. After debating with myself I determined I must have it although I didn’t know why. The moment I touched it I instinctively turned the hour glass upside down. I watched the sand as it began to trickle down through the opening. Then I found myself shaking it! I was trying to make the sands go down faster than they were designed to go.

Just as time stops for no man, it will not speed up, it is continuous. The hour glass is a great visual aid for me to use for my clients and students.  It is a tool to see the passage of time, and a reminder of the reality that each moment is a gift called life. There are many of us who have a tremendous amount of responsibilities. We may believe we must multi-task and even triple-task! Some cry out and question God, “How are people suppose to take care of family, work, school, balance everything and then take care of their own needs”? Trying to make ends meet, it is easy to get caught in the trap of busyness. Leaving little or no time for relaxation, family and friends we can get trapped. Some can escape momentarily in a church service, others may desire a Saturday night evening out to relax.

Pressures build as the busy syndrome continues to spread rampantly. Is there a cure? How does anyone find the answers? Although there are twenty four hours in a day, many say that they are too busy to be able to have time to play. They can’t take time to sleep the required amount of time their bodies need to stay in good health because they are too busy.

Once the busyness issue is addressed, finding balance in life, it has been reported people recover beautifully. In this fast paced world we live in there are many fun and exciting things to do. We can get so busy we become completely exhausted and have no energy to enjoy things we used to enjoy. The merry-go-round continues and few know how to stop it. Therefore, they put on their Busy Badge and wear it proudly for all to see.

Here is a challenge: Take a moment each day to acknowledge the God who gave life to all to enjoy. Be gentle to yourself. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Schedule time to enjoy a new adventure. Finally, the next time you ask someone how they are, and they say “busy”, recognize they are about to rush off in another  blur to Busy-Land, USA.

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