Boldly Go Where No…

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I am boldly preparing to enter into a realm I am not familiar. I’m allowing myself the freedom to enjoy this experience, giving myself permission to be a risk taker, knowing there are no guarantees of success. I do not have to get an A+, nor worry about any outcome or produce a great product to show for my labor. It is great to know I can freely access this arena without the approval of, understanding, or even the agreement of others.

I invite other to join me in this quest, although it may be challenging. Why? Because I am asking those who are willing to abandon themselves for a moment in time; they get to allow their right brain to come out and play. Doing so while ‘not allowing’ their left brain to dominate and determine if they should or should not be creative and free to express that which is hidden within. Everyone has a vast array of creativity, much of which has been hampered since childhood. If allowed, can now be revealed in a beautiful display in the present.

As I began the adventure of writing a blog, my mind continually questioned my reasoning, why even bother? No one was really going to read it and I should be doing something more productive, after all, I shouldn’t be wasting my time! There is real work that needs to be done. All that said, it is true in many ways. Nevertheless, I decided I would use this format to practice showing up at my computer, disciplining myself to be diligent, be creative and produce a somewhat intelligent post, hoping it would make sense in the event someone actually did read it.

Being willing to be vocal, vulnerable, while being creative, I had to actually push that blue button that says ”Publish” once I finished writing. That action is another way to deal with the fear of rejection, judgment, ridicule and failure. How many times did I submit something late at night, and upon waking read it and find more than one error? Too many to count, sad to say. Nevertheless, if I waited until I could write a perfect post I realize this page would always be blank.

A word to the wise….For less errors, write posts at a decent hour to avoid the nod out factor in between words. It is difficult when we are too tired to see glaring mistake that others will immediately once our work is posted. All that said, blogging is one way to be creative.

Going back to the original challenge: Anyone who is willing to step away from their routine way of thinking, (left brain dominated) and give themselves permission to allow their right side brain to be active, being creative, artistic and playful, I challenge to step out side their own box into a new way of thinking and living.

2 thoughts on “Boldly Go Where No…

  1. We may question why we should even bother writing our thoughts and expressing our feelings if no one will read what we write or hear what we say. To get to the heart of the matter, we have to ask why we do anything in life – are we seeking an audience by doing what we do? Does an audience validate us? Does it make us and what we do more legitimate, more whole? When it comes to words, admittedly, a lively conversation is much more stimulating and exciting than a lonesome soliloquy. Oh writer, if it is an audience you seek from your cloistered cell, take heart that, at the very least, your written words may be a lasting record, if the paper and ink survive, that will be read and appreciated by some unknown number of minds in some unknown future time. If your venue is online, your words may be eternal, for everything on the Internet is captured and preserved by document anthropologists and spy agencies. Granted, the unknown potential of a posthumous unknown audience offers little satisfaction to one who seeks an audience in the here and now. We do live in the moment, after all. The moment provides a context for what we do, whether work or play, whether expressions of art or skill, or simply quietude. The moment is powerful because that’s where things happen. That’s why live theater performances are so exhilarating for thespians. Playing to a live audience, actors ride the wild moment, risking faux pas, evoking applause, seeking adulation. When we write it is always in the moment, but it is an isolated task. The writer works alone. There is no live audience. Our words may or may not be read by others. The potential comment, review, or response will come at another time in another moment. They are separated in time.

    Yet we write. No audience is required. But comments are welcome.

    • No audience is required, although appreciated! A writer will write as passion flows from within onto the paper or screen. Thank you for your comments. Your response evoked many emotions, as well as questions to be pondered as time permits. For that I am grateful. Hopefully we will have the ability to discuss face to face, these words and more, at another time and another moment. For now, I will return to the quiet while reflecting and writing once again. In addition, I challenge you to embrace the writer I see in you.

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