Beware of identity thieves

Who am I speaking to? That is a question I may ask the secretary when preparing to see a client. As a mental health professional I have counseled many who were suffering emotionally for a variety of reasons. With or without a mental health diagnosis, we all suffer from what is called a mixture of good and evil tensions, therefore creating stress emotionally and physically. In spite of that, we are all born with an amazing potential to fulfill our highest destiny and purpose. How is it that we lose sight of that awesome and inherit capacity to come in to being? Why would we give up our joy and passion for life or simply bury our gifts? Is there any truth to what some call “spiritual identity theft”? As bazaar as that sounds I question how that could be. In the financial world when talking about identity theft we may think of one getting into our bank accounts, stealing our identification/social security numbers, taking our private information for their gain. With access to our credit cards they can illegally make purchases while we get the bills. Now companies sell insurance to help protect us from those continually on the prowl. What about the spiritual identity theft? What does that look like? Here is one example; when a thief tries to convince someone to believe they do not have any purpose, gifts, talents, potential, or even a clear destiny. If they agree with the adversary they will lose their hope, become discouraged and not move forward.They were robbed. By seeing the truth and then embracing it, they can push back negative forces that attempt to steal their spiritual identity. We are all created with many gifts and talents that we need to share with one another. There is no ‘one’ person who has them all, that is why we need each other. Understanding there are different forms of identity theft; one form addresses financial circumstances that will be traced back to a banking institution. When addressing spiritual identity theft, this is hidden in the realm of the heart. The area we acknowledge as the place where the “knowing” occurs, the gut feeling, that special place we should cherish. When we hear someone say, “She has been so heavy on my heart lately, I hope she is OK”, we understand the meaning. We know that was not a literal statement but a figurative one. Somehow we just ‘know’ although we can’t see the ‘heart’ with our eyes or touch with our hands. I am taught to “Guard my heart, for out of it flow the issues of life.” Guard my heart? How would I go about doing that? Is there a class I take, who teaches us how? Lack of knowledge, as well as lack of experience may hinder our ability to guard our heart. How is it we don’t think it is strange that banks have guards, some even traveling in armored trucks while transferring money, yet it sounds strange or unusual to say we need to guard our hearts? If we knew there was a thief present, and everything we worked hard for all our lives could be taken away, would we guard that which we view as valuable? Is not our heart more valuable and therefore should be guarded even more? I want to clarify, guarding our heart is not the same as having walls up and keeping people out due to fear or wounds. Shall we let the thief enter our abode and steal our spiritual identity? With the reality of this Proverb, “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” How does he thinketh in his heart? Are we being genuine, authentic and fulfilling our highest destiny/ purpose in our thought life, or are we being robbed? Although we all know we cannot change history, we can begin guarding our hearts and enjoying our lives to the fullest from this point forward.

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