Believe in yourself

Tree by the riverI hear many people say, “Believe in yourself” when we are attempting to do something new. We are to be risk takers if we desire to see changes in our lives. How many times are we asked to take a leap of faith? Believe in the impossible and just go for it! That all sounds good but what does it really mean? Is it wise to jump out of the boat and expect to walk on water? Perhaps not at this time. What are we suppose to believe when we live in a culture that thrives in the extreme? With everything fast paced and demanding, shall we run as fast as we can, competing against all odds?

I agree we need to believe in ourselves and have a healthy self-esteem. It is my opinion we also need to believe in something greater than ourselves. Although we are continually maturing, we will always have more room for improvement.

It is not wise to compare ourselves among ourselves, there will always be those better and those worse than we are. That is good news! There is no one exactly like us, we are one of a kind. We are all an original art piece, unique and individually made. We can celebrate our authentic voice, embrace the beauty of life within, and accept  the fact each day is a gift to enjoy. While we have the opportunity to express ourselves let us use our voice to contribute to others by sharing our hope, joy and peace.

Let us have confidence knowing we are free to be all that we are created to be. I encourage each of us to believe in ourselves; we have been given many gifts and talents that are awesome and like no other.

Now the question stands; “Are we willing to take a risk and share the gifts we have been given”? I am believing for great breakthroughs and freedom like never before for each of us as we explore life’s adventures in every realm of life.

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