Being Yourself Without Permission

495“Each Individual & Unique Flower Is Living It’s Own Life”

How am I not myself? What a great question to ask ourselves. Are we bold enough to really think about this? For those who are willing to do so, they can find out it is awesome to actually contemplate the answers. What is the wisdom of others who say so flippantly, “Just be yourself”? How can we not be ourselves? Being authentic, unique and being true to ourselves is a great goal. Not everyone desires or is willing to do so. Living outside of the box (arena) that other people think we should live in can be painful.

Why do we think it is important to gain the approval of others, so much so, that we strive to try to be something other than what we really are? Whether short and sweet, or long and drawn out, we must determine what really matters in the long run?

Taking time to reflect on the meaning of life one may recognize the futility of striving to become something or someone else, especially if it is only to climb to the top to try to be successful. Is success defined in a career that may provide abundance with money in the bank? What about being rich in relationships, good health, and spirituality?

Not judging others along this journey, more questions come to the surface. At the end of the day we all may hope to arrive where we belong. Once there, what will we find? Does it all come back to the simple fact we should enjoy life and celebrate who we are created to be? Let us embrace those we are fortunate to have in our lives each day and encourage them as they become more authentic as well.

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