As little children we are free

It is refreshing to spend time teaching students from a variety of ages. As a Professor at the University the students ages may be wide spread yet they are all adults. Today I had the privilege of working with first graders. As I fill a variety of occupations, I find it most enjoyable to be with little children that have so many gifts to share. They are genuine, authentic, and absolutely individual. It is funny to hear the different responses when asked simple questions. They have not learned the art of putting on their masks, or acting a certain way. One may be picking his nose, while the other starts chasing the runaway ball that somehow escaped from the ball bag. I have found that when I enter the classroom in a relaxed manner and determined to enjoy the day it allows the children to teach me as I am instructing them as well. We are all free to enter in to a time of exploration and adventure. We must become as little children to enter the Kingdom, true to our own identity and free to be our genuine authentic self.

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