Are you suffering from the TBD syndrome?

What is TBD syndrome? Although it is an epidemic in the United States most do not even consider it a problem, accepting it as a way of life. Personally, I have decided to declare war on it. The definition of TBD: Too Busy Disorder. If you look closely at the symptoms you may know someone else who suffers from this. Balancing life’s duties and expectations can be tricky to say the least. The mind can come up with a tremendous amount of ideas for things to do, yet the body can’t accomplish them all. The limitations of being human can be disappointing when there are so many great opportunities, desires, or demands we have for ourselves; let alone what others may have for us. So what can one do living in a society that seems to be stuck on high speed?
Remember the old fashion mixers people would used to make cakes? It was important once all the right ingredients were in the bowl, and water added, to pay attention or I could make a big mess! If I turned the mixer on high speed and then lifted it out of the bowl, ingredients splattered everywhere. In life we may have all the desired (ingredients) parts for a happy home; shelter (bowl), food, clothes and even games to play. Caution: At high speed things can get messy. This is where the problem comes in; TBD strikes at the heart of the family.
A typical morning may start in a hurry to get ready for the day, no quite time, meditation or prayer, can’t stop to read an inspirational thought or even have breakfast with the family. Thankful for the quick cup of coffee, have to slug it down on the way to work. At lunch too busy to rest a few minutes afterwards while food digests. Later look forward to getting off work, get out of school, or completing chores that need to be done. Finally home at last, shoes off and time to kick back, right? Where is everybody? Rushing to practice, going shopping, doing laundry, going to another meeting? Do we need to make an appointment on the already busy schedule to see those we love?
It seems the merry-go-round ride never stops, and everyone gets on sooner or later. I have decided that I must find the stop switch. Listen to people’s response when asked the question, “How are you”? The answers are almost always the same, “Busy”! You will be surprised how many people respond in the same way, they are so tired and yet no other word is able to describe the experiences they are having. When I ask the second question, I get amazed at the look on their faces. The question is, “What do you do for fun”? Again, due to the TBD, they get a blank look on their face as they search for an answer; most eventually state they aren’t doing anything because they are too busy.
Deciding to make changes in my own life, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me adjust my calendar to a realistic one, scheduling my time and activities in a balanced format. Doing a great deal of research, I looked at a tremendous amount of calendars all shapes and sizes, I also looked at time management programs. Reality is: There is no someday on any calendar I looked at. In the light of that revelation, if I want to be a writer, an artist, or a musician, I can’t wait for someday to arrive to do so.
Therefore, I would like to challenge you to write a date on your calendar once a month just for yourself! This will be a time in the midst of busyness to be kind to yourself and do something just for you. This is to enjoy the beautiful life God has given you. Yes, we all need to be faithful, and responsible to take care of our own business. We also need to take care of our self, set a time to step off the merry-go-round, having permission to relax or play. Life is not all about to-do lists, and working so hard we do not have time to enjoy the life God gives us.
I can have a great home, food and all the beautiful things that go along with that, yet without time to see my loved ones, visit friends and building relationships what good is it? It is time for a change. Slowing down and being gentle to yourself may be a beginning step to part of the solution for healing the TBD syndrome.

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