Are we honest with ourselves?

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We can prosper if we are willing to stop and take time to really contemplate where we are right now; not where we want to be in the future. It can be scary, nevertheless, a good thing to see who we really are. To do so we have to take a serious look at ourselves. There are times I may not like what I see, yet I know accepting my limitations as a human, along with forgiveness and humility creates a path to freedom and peace of mind.

Shakespeare said it right when he stated, “To thine own self be true?” If we are not honest with ourselves, how can we be honest with others? You may be thinking, “I don’t lie to people!” Hopefully, none of us would intentionally desire to be dishonest with others. At this moment, what I am addressing is being honest with ourselves.

If you find yourself troubled about something—something that keeps churning on the inside, and you know it has affected you to the point that you need to address it—then you must make the needed changes, or perhaps remove yourself entirely from the particularly troubling situation. Have you put it off?
Here is an example: A woman needs to talk to her spouse about the way he speaks to her. Because of fear—fear of being misunderstood or rejected, or a multitude of other reasons—she hesitates. Maybe later, when he is in a better mood, she will say something. What happens if he doesn’t get in a better mood? She decides that tomorrow she will talk to him. When tomorrow comes she sees that he is in a really good mood. Not wanting him to get angry, she is afraid if she brings up something he thinks is negative; she decides to put off the subject one more time. Days, weeks, months and even years can go by as she waits for the right time to speak. All the while he continues to degrade her, wounding her heart with his words. Because she never spoke up, he continued to cross over unseen boundaries on a regular basis. (These circumstances may apply to both males and females.)
This problem becomes a regular way of life for many, and is accepted as normal behavior. Performing and appearing to do all the same action, serving, cooking, cleaning yet things have changed on the inside. There are so many who live with others but their heart is far away. How did they get into this position? What was once a warm heart, full of love and compassion is now a cold ember, burned out and lifeless. How could this happen? Procrastination! When we put off dealing with circumstances, enforcing boundaries, internally and externally, it can lead to the destruction of many relationships.
Here is an innocent question. Is there something in our lives now that needs to be addressed but we have put off dealing with it? Contact me for a free consultation.

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