Another season coming up

1-3-11 463


What do we do on days we don’t feel like doing anything, and yet we don’t feel like ‘not’ doing anything? Anyone ever feel like that? The never ending to-do list that always has one more thing on it, keeping the unfinished feeling alive with no satisfaction in sight.

The goal of being content in whatever state we find ourselves is noble; one that requires constant adjustments with many changes and transitions.  Can we accept the fact that everything is for a season, and when the season is over, once again we shall experience another beginning and another end?

Growing from infancy to adulthood, we all go through many changes, physically and emotionally. Realizing we are still growing no matter how old we are, and accepting the fact we will always be changing, gives us peace as we go through the process.

Although we can’t change history, we can learn from the past and move forward. As we embrace each new phase with knowledge and wisdom, we can celebrate the fact we are on a new adventure as we continue this journey through life.


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