Anniversaries – Good or Bad?


20160311_200131“Celebrating Simple Pleasures in Life”

A Day of Remembrance is one definition of the word anniversary. Are we compelled to celebrate a particular day out of duty or guilt? Are all anniversaries meant to be joyful, one that requires a special meal, a lovely card and perhaps beautiful flowers?

The fourth of July weekend is a special holiday, as well as an anniversary marking another year of  freedoms. Few might have the experience of someone asking them to get married on the fourth of July, where others may be told their lover wants a divorce. Do they celebrate the fourth the same way, perhaps with fireworks as well, or do they suffer the anniversary of their loss all alone in a quiet place?

Losing a job or gaining new employment are significant events in our lives. Do we celebrate the date we were set free from a job we might have despised? Do we embrace the negative thinking of ourselves as losers, failing to keep something even after we grew to hate it? How can we gain new employment without letting go of the old job? In the same way, how can we enjoy a new relationship if we are not willing to let go of a toxic destructive one?

Whatever choices we make over our lifetime, whatever decisions we face, they create days of remembrance; making an anniversary of some kind. Knowing life is not a dress rehearsal, lets enjoy all that is provided to live an abundant life. Knowing the choices we make, and the desires we embrace will  always have consequences; lets make good choices that will open doors to help us celebrate life freely. By genuinely creating new memories they too may become another positive anniversary in the future.

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