About Me

I am a woman of passion with the desire to help relieve suffering from emotional and physical pain.

I am an artist who embraces all the different types of mediums to free the creative spirit within and heal the brokenhearted.

Stepping outside the traditional box of counseling and coaching, I am combining the best of all worlds, spirituality, psychology, and physiology.

While working with children, adults, and families, I have seen thousands of lives changed as people experience healing and freedom.

Combining over twenty years of experience, counseling, teaching, coaching, consulting, or consoling in a variety of therapeutic realms, I use art, writing, and therapeutic play resulting in tremendous healing.

My Professional Skills:

Executive and Individual Life Coach/ Consultant, Trained at Doctorate Level.

Public Speaker/Author/Teacher

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist/ Intern

Doctoral Training in Clinical Psychology (3 1/2 yrs)

Counseling Drug & Alcohol Clinics- Domestic Violence- Anger Management- PTSD

Adjunct Professor at Simpson University, Redding CA. Teach Psychology and Child Development.

Substitute Teaching K-12th grades/ School Counselor

Published author, “Pitfalls from Put-Offs” Memoirs of a Procrastinator”

Former Host of local “On Call” television show, Public Relations, Media, On-Air Talent,

Producer/Television, Radio Talk Shows, Television Commercials, Public Service Announcements.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi B, finally got here. Nice coaching, good work! This is a well rounded website. I’m glad you have your pic there. It took me a minute to recognize you.

    Am looking forward to perusing more of what you have written here.

    Much love to you & yours.

    To healing and whole hearts, wholeheartedly!

    Your friend,

    • I have been on a mission and just arrived back to my site. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Working two jobs and had writing deadlines that I had to finish. I may submit some of the things I am writing here just for the practice and exposure. Did I tell you about the book I bought from B&N, “How to Blog a Book”? It is great and inspirational, $12.95. A great way to get a book written slowly but surely. Hope you are well. I should be more active on this site now.

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