A Beautiful Sight


When asking someone how are they, many times we hear them say, ” I have been really busy!” Busy as a bee? Has this become the norm in our lives? Perhaps being busy is an excuse, a justification of some sort, or a silent plea for help in this crazy world we all live in. Unfortunately, being over committed and over stimulated, we still give into the demands of life. Doing so we may find ourselves standing on the edge of burnout. It is possible to slow down and see the beauty that surrounds us. This picture has captured a moment in time. It reveals a beautiful flower yielding itself to the gentle caresses of a small honey bee. I love seeing nature as it surrenders to its creative purpose.There is so much more we miss seeing because we hurry through this journey called life. It is great to slow down and become mindful of even the smallest of things. Let’s take a moment each day to search for the hidden beauty, surprises, new gifts, big or small, that come our way.

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