Memory and Feelings

FALL -7 080“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Working on a research project I have been interviewing young students in regard to how they feel when they have a substitute teacher. As we talk about fear, anger, frustration, and a variety of other emotions the students seemed to be surprised to find out that teachers can feel the same way.

Reading the above famous quote by Angelou, I am reminded how we can reflect upon these words and see how they are relevant to the circumstances and current events in our lives. While looking back in time, we also may remember a particular teacher and how they treated us. Why do we remember? We can still hear their words that were planted in our hearts, we can remember how they made us to feel although we may not remember why.

It is important to remember teachers may have good and bad days just as children do. Unfortunately when a teacher is having a bad day, if a student is having a hard day as well,  putting the two together for an extended period of time can cause chaos in the classroom. Perhaps we were in that situation as a child and did not have the maturity to understand what it meant that a teacher could have a bad day and what impact that would have on us.  When things were said and feelings were hurt, there was no giant eraser to remove the pain.

Certain emotions stay with us, even as adults, for we carry them subconsciously on a daily basis. Some on those feelings are positive and some are negative. As a heart mender specialist, I focus on getting to the heart of the matter, to find what issue is the trouble. Many painful feelings and emotions are buried deep inside and we may not even know what they are and how they got there.

Using the example of a teacher with a student, I share how easily we can be hurt and not even know when or why. It is good to discover the truth and take out the mystery of what it is that is challenging us and replace it with truth bringing peace and healing. Are you ready?



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