Time to dig deeper?

Now it is time to dig deeper in to the areas of the heart, areas we may not know even exist. As I began my educational journey as an older woman, I started from scratch, first with my general education. I quickly learned after working hard and receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor in Psychology, that I actually would need to continue in my education. For those curious, I really didn’t desire to go to school, drive thousands of miles for many years to become educated and complete thousands of hours of practicum/ Intern work for a Masters in Psychology and towards a Doctorate. I would never guess then that I would now be transitioning from an Intern Marriage Family Therapist/ Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist/ Psy.D Psychologist student in my doctoral programs, to a new work. By doing so, I include all my education and training by combining the Psychological, Biological and Spiritual components, getting to the heart of the matter as a Heart Mender Specialist. Working with new clients, I will help bring to light the hidden things that may be buried subconsciously. As one who does research in this field, I have learned the protocol I need to use must be able to be validated, both scientifically and medically. One way to do so is using a test that is called a “Heart Rate Variability” (HRV); it is the gold standard medical test for measuring stress in the autonomic nervous system.
We know that in almost every problem we face in life, the roots can be traced to stress. Stress lowers our immune system therefore we are susceptible to illness or disease. Although I am not a medical doctor, as a Heart Mender Specialist I can state that when we deal directly with the cause of stress in life, the physical body will respond in a positive way. Healing springs forth as well as the immune system in strengthened. When addressing relational problems, we will also deal with the stress that comes up from those challenges. Using a multitude of formats and mediums, allows me to deal with the past, present, and future circumstances, by combining all three dimensions with the physical, emotional and spiritual areas specifically dealing with the issues of the heart. This is exciting news, for now it is time that we can move forward in our healing process and enjoy the freedom that comes with the beauty of life.USF Graduation 1

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