Piecing Life Together

20151216_110052Life May Be Puzzling

Diligently working on a quilt, carefully placing each piece, creates many opportunities to make this into a beautiful work of art. Choosing the materials, cutting each square, then strategically placing each one down creates an amazing design, ultimately finishing a one of a kind masterpiece .

This photo reveals one of many ways fabric can be put together. The artist/ creator of this quilt always has the final say. Shall it be a king size, as viewed in this picture, or shall it be cut down and made into lap quilts, thus creating several gifts for others? Whatever the final decision, action will be required to finish the work.

Just as the materials above must be put together like a puzzle, if not, they become another unfinished project. The key to this puzzle is knowing if we have all the pieces to put it together, or are we waiting for one more? Unfortunately there are times in life when we do not know the answers and things do not make sense. See the beauty that surrounds us, even in those puzzling times we call life.

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