Sep 30

Reflections of the Heart


How often do we look at what is in our heart? Are we trying to deny or even ignore what we see? Truly, no other can know what is in the heart of man. When we take time to stop and listen to what our heart is really saying, what do we hear? Are we at peace or at war within ourselves? Are we free to follow our hearts desire or cry? If we are not, why?This may be difficult to answer.

When we acknowledge what we really ‘know within’, line up in agreement, we can reflect our light and love to others, walking in our genuine and authentic life. Finally, we may find what we have been looking for our entire lives, true inner peace and joy.

Sep 30

Light Brings Light


Even a little candle can bring light to a matter. At times we all need more light shed on a subject before making an informed decision or a good choice. Are we willing to slow down and take a closer look at the whole picture before jumping to conclusions, or getting in over our head?

When a room is well lit, we will find it is less likely we will stumble over the furniture. In addition, when our minds are enlightened, we are less likely to fall into dangerous traps or step on obvious mind fields.

In this day and age people are instructed to get prepared for emergencies. It is vitally important to have available anything that will light up the darkness. May it be the darkness of the night, or darkness of the mind and soul, Light will always bring Light. This is an area we need to be stocked up on at all times. Perhaps now a good time to check your own light supply.

Sep 29

Open or Shut Gate?

When we arrive  at a place in our lives where we desire change, we have to ask ourselves if we are willing to leave the familiar to go into the unknown? As we approach visible, or invisible (subconcious) gates in our lives, are we willing to push past them, to open the gate and walk through it to the other side? If we truly want to experience something different in our lives, we  have to be willing to do something different. The choice is ultimately ours. I am heading toward the open gate! Are you?

Sep 27

Not Sure?


There are times when we just don’t know the why’s or the what’s that come into our lives. We question the purpose of things that seem to come out of no where. We have many questions, perhaps as simple as, “What is with this picture? What is it and what significance does it have? The fact is we may not always know the what’s or why’s of things. Sometimes we have to acknowledge things are just the way they are, and many times appear to have no apparent reason. We can choose to embrace ‘Acceptance’ during those times, seeing it as a gift we can give to ourselves. In doing so, we can enjoy peace knowing it is OK not knowing.

Sep 27

A Beautiful Sight


When asking someone how are they, many times we hear them say, ” I have been really busy!” Busy as a bee? Has this become the norm in our lives? Perhaps being busy is an excuse, a justification of some sort, or a silent plea for help in this crazy world we all live in. Unfortunately, being over committed and over stimulated, we still give into the demands of life. Doing so we may find ourselves standing on the edge of burnout. It is possible to slow down and see the beauty that surrounds us. This picture has captured a moment in time. It reveals a beautiful flower yielding itself to the gentle caresses of a small honey bee. I love seeing nature as it surrenders to its creative purpose.There is so much more we miss seeing because we hurry through this journey called life. It is great to slow down and become mindful of even the smallest of things. Let’s take a moment each day to search for the hidden beauty, surprises, new gifts, big or small, that come our way.

Feb 27

Watching Your Step?

We all agree that stepping on a sticky piece of gum on a hot summer day can interrupt our stride. It will get real messy unless we stop and take care of the situation. I don’t recall ever hearing someone rejoicing when they suddenly recognized there was a gooey, foreign object, stuck to the bottom of their shoe.What do we do, just kick off our sneakers and keep going? Not likely. It is profitable in many ways to slow down and watch our step. By doing so, where ever we go in life, it may save us much time, grief or heart ache in the future.

Feb 26

We Are Not Alone

At times we may feel alone, although there may be forces we can not see that constantly surround us. Is it possible this picture captured a force bigger than myself? Shadow or reflection, both are a guess, for whatever the reason, the answer still cannot be explained. This is a great illustration how we may perceive ourselves one way, while others perceive us differently. Can they see or feel something we do not? It has been said, “Life is an illusion.” We know there is more to life than meets the eye. In this life, it is good to remember we can have more questions than answers. The key to success is to keep asking, the answers are on their way.



Feb 20

Are you hiding or stuck?

At times in our life we wonder if anyone would notice if we disappeared. Although we may try, did we really? Perhaps we think no one can see us when we try to hide. Yet, to others it is obvious exactly where we are. As time passes and there is no communication with others, we need to remember silence can be misinterpreted. There is an unknown message still being sent. It is important to realize we need each other and reach out when we are able.


Feb 09

Hearing the Waves Roar?

373Simplicity of Life

As beautiful as the beach can be, the time may come when we need to take cover, withdraw to rest or take care of business. This simple shelter can provide a few moments of privacy for a quick change of clothing. In addition, it can be a semi-secure place to take a brief nap, or to be inside and still listen to the waves roar. Obviously, to live on the beach vs. visiting the beach are two different experiences. For now, fantasies of laying on the warm sandy beach can create a great image to look forward to in the future.

Feb 08

To Be Opened Soon?


Many times in life we desire the ability to make changes. At other times we refuse to surrender and fight that which must occur. We experience a sense of confusion, not knowing what we can depend upon or what will happen next. One door shuts and another hasn’t opened.

Knowing we lack knowledge, and in unfamiliar territory, we can stop and seek help. Entering into a new career, relationship, or unique business opportunity can be scary. What is behind the only door presented to us? Is it safe to knock? What happens when we do? Will someone answer? Whatever mystery is behind the door, it can only be solved when someone is willing to wait until it is opened.

Can we be patient during this time of uncertainty? As each season changes it creates transitions in our lives. Circumstances present situations that place us in front of many doors over time. We have the freedom to choose what to do. Do we walk on by, or do we stop and see if a new door opens? We may find, once the door has opened, a whole new realm of hope. Once inside we can have a different point of view and enjoy tremendous opportunities for a new life.